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Update from the Executive Director

Every year about this time, there is a somewhat overwhelming convergence of so many things-fall sports, holidays, work deadlines.  As parents of high school seniors, you can add scholarships to your list.  Thanksgiving signals the start of scholarship season.  Just thinking about it probably makes your heart race, your chest tighten and your palms sweat… with good reason.
Scholarships are not for the faint of heart.  A lot of effort goes into the scholarship application: the FAFSA, letters of recommendation, an updated list of extracurricular activities.  For some, the work is just too much to bear, so they opt for the loans.  I suppose you could look at it one of two ways, either you pay with your sweat and tears (and there will be plenty!) or you pay with your money (and, unfortunately, these days there isn’t a whole lot of that!) when the loans are due.



It’s Scholarship Season

Contributed by Guest Blogger Derrius L. Quarles, aka the MillionDollarScholar

We couldn’t have said this better ourselves, so we didn’t!  The following article came from : http://www.scholarships.com/Blog/financial-aid/its-scholarship-season/3086/.  This website has tons of great information!

Did you know that the months of January through April have more scholarship deadlines than all of the other months combined? That means this is the time to get off of your rump and compete for free money for college. If you haven’t started already, the things you should start working on are the four basic components of all scholarship applications:

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